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Lin Lobiluki in 1976, in the Savasi Group, became the owner of Atlantic brothels and entered the Atlantic Ocean Canada. atlantic superstore flyer saint john

In 1986, the company established its first large stores in Lucknow, New Brunswick, renamed the Reeb Atlantic Atlantic Superstar. In the name of 1995, the short design in the "market metaphor" shop ("market metaphor") and "lower prices and more!" With logo. Most of the Savessie supermarkets, except for rural areas, have been converted into superfelly or classic store, although they have been refurbished or shipped. walmart weekly flyers usa

In the 1990s, the company moved from Shakville to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Temporary logistic expansion of temporary logistics has been built, and large transit campaigns have set up large new centers in several centers over the years. In the early 2000s, shopping spots were introduced and their frequency was "eat well, drop spending." This is like a lobbying campaign in Ontario. When the Atlantic supervisor used the Rio Grande do Norte concept in Ontario, the Atlantic store used a similar trade campaign on "the same values ​​for the same faith." This concept, by 2009, was launched the "Atlantic Super" newsletter by the "low cost reduction" campaign.

Some SuperSeries Atlantics are determined by Stor Stats.


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